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The Two-Way
9:09 am
Wed May 27, 2015

Penn State Bounces Fraternity For 3 Years Over Nude Photo Scandal

After news broke in March of a private Facebook page that collected nude photos of women, protesters gathered outside Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State. The school has banned the chapter for three years.
Abby Drey TNS/Landov

Originally published on Wed May 27, 2015 10:46 am

Tripling a penalty that was announced this spring, Penn State has shut down the school's Kappa Delta Rho fraternity chapter for three years, after an inquiry over a Facebook group page that collected pictures of nude women also uncovered other transgressions.

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Shots - Health News
8:57 am
Wed May 27, 2015

How A Claim That A Childhood Vaccine Prevents Leukemia Went Too Far

Controversy over childhood vaccines may make it too easy to embrace what appear to be new vaccine benefits.
Dmitry Naumov iStockphoto

Originally published on Wed May 27, 2015 11:38 am

Sometimes a story takes odd turns as you report it. Every once in while it goes off the rails. That's what happened as I reported on a new study purporting to explain how a childhood vaccine helps prevent leukemia. The experience reaffirmed the lessons I've learned in my years of reporting on vaccines and other scientific research: Be wary of grand claims, get outside perspectives on new research and never, ever rely only on the press release.

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7:56 am
Wed May 27, 2015

Attempt To Get More People On Board With Organ Donation Backfires

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7:03 am
Wed May 27, 2015

A New Kind Of College Wins State Approval In Rhode Island

Students Carmen Boucher (left) and Hilda Castillo collaborate at a College Unbound weekly seminar.
Tracy Money College Unbound/Big Picture Learning

It's one of the biggest challenges in higher education today: What to do with the nearly one in five working-age adults who have some college experience, but no degree?

Sokeo Ros was one of them. "I just hated" community college, he says. "I wasn't being challenged."

Ros, 34, was born in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand. He dropped out of two colleges, switching majors several times.

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It's All Politics
7:03 am
Wed May 27, 2015

Santorum Hopes To Catch Lightning In A Bottle A Second Time

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum speaks during the Republican Society Patriot Dinner at the Citadel Military College in Charleston, S.C., in February.
Richard Ellis Getty Images

Originally published on Wed May 27, 2015 8:13 am

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is praying for political lightning to strike twice.

Even after pulling an upset win in the Iowa caucuses four years ago and going on to survive the longest against eventual nominee Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential hopeful is again the underdog in a much more crowded 2016 field.

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