CPB Transparency Reports


As a publicly supported media organization, KWBU/Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation makes every effort to be as transparent as possible, out of appreciation and respect for the station’s listener/members and corporate underwriters and in order to comply with expectations of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Below you will find information and documents related to KWBU’s contact, governance, management, finances, meetings and diversity initiatives.

Also posted here are certain PUBLIC INSPECTION FILES that are required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), giving members of the public free access to these reports. They are also available for inspection at the offices of KWBU, 2100 River Street, Waco, TX 76706. KWBU maintains a list of organizations that are notified when there are KWBU employment opportunities. If you would like your organization to be notified of these opportunities, please contact KWBU at (254) 710-3472.

Contact information for KWBU/Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation


One Bear Place #97296

Waco, TX 76798-7296

(254) 710-3472

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KWBU/Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation Board of Directors

Jason Cook

John Cullar

Lois Ferguson

Lori Fogleman

Mike Jones

Ben Kelley

Ben Lacy (Vice Chair)

Dr. Linda Livingstone

Maggie McCarthy

Johnette McKown

Jim Morrison

Pattie Orr (Chair)

Maxey Parrish

Michael Reeser

David Rosselli

Kim Stevens

Liz Taylor

Enid Wade

Meeting schedule for the Board of Directors:

  • The next meeting of the Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation Board of Directors will be:  

    • Board Retreat - Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 10:00 am in the Armstrong-Browning Library at Baylor University, 710 Speight Avenue, Waco, TX

KWBU Community Advisory Council

Kris Cervantes

Kelly Craine

Sara Dolan 

Kimberly Hickman

Leslie King (Secretary)

Jim McKeown (Vice Chair)

Matthew Polk

Lisa Shaver (Chair)

Alfred Solano

Community Advisory Council Meeting:  Meetings held at 7:30 a.m. in the KWBU Offices, 2100 River Street, Waco, TX 76706 on the following dates:

  • Friday, January 12, 2018
  • Friday, April 13, 2018
  • Friday, July 13, 2018
  • Friday, October 19, 2018

Finance Committee: To be determined

Trusteeship Committee: To be determined

Development Committee:  Meetings held at 9:00 a.m. in the KWBU offices, 2100 River Street, Waco, TX on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Major Donor SubCommittee:    To be determined


Joe Riley, President and CEO








CPB Question 1  Describe your overall goals and approach to address identified community issues, needs, and interests through your station’s vital local services, such as multiplatform long and short-form content, digital and in-person engagement, education services, community information, partnership support, and other activities, and audiences you reached or new audiences you engaged.

Answer - KWBU's Central Texas Leadership Series continues (12 half-hours in F '16), sharing conversations with community leaders on Waco/McLennan County’s important issues. In the past year, interview topics have included development in Waco’s core business district, local theater, local support for the arts, civil rights history, religious persecution, homelessness, community visioning, and local higher-education options. KWBU produces approximately 150 local news stories each year, focusing on issues in five areas: education, health care, government, business/economy, and arts/culture. Specific topics reported on this year included: fires in vacant houses; law addressing ammonium nitrate storage; updates on local biker gang shootings; a history museum in West, TX; local same-sex marriage; TX voter ID law; a local police shooting; a new local school-discipline model; riverfront development; a Baylor University study on the science of sleep; food trucks; the history of the Central Texas Negro League; Waco diaper bank; and many others. KWBU also partners with the Waco Tribune-Herald to share the paper’s daily headlines during local newsbreaks every weekday morning. In addition, KWBU produces Voice of the Arts, a weekly calendar of arts events for Waco/McLennan County; Likely Stories (weekly book reviews); Business Review (stories of local and national business interest); and Act Locally Waco, a weekly conversation with local blogger Ashley Bean Thornton, looking at local events and opportunities for community involvement. KWBU continues to produce I Hear America Singing, a weekly hour-long folk-music program hosted by local volunteer Ross Burns. KWBU continues to reach a general audience with all of its programming. 

CPB Question 2 -  Describe key initiatives and the variety of partners with whom you collaborated, including other public media outlets, community nonprofits, government agencies, educational institutions, the business community, teachers and parents, etc. This will illustrate the many ways you’re connected across the community and engaged with other important organizations in the area.

Answer -  KWBU partners with the Waco Tribune-Herald to share the newspaper’s daily headlines during local newsbreaks every weekday morning. KWBU also partners with Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business to produce the Business Review, a weekly segment that features business topics important locally, regionally, and nationally. Segment topics include customer relations, job stress, goal setting, and weathering economic downturns, among others. With McLennan Community College English professor Jim McKeown, KWBU produces Likely Stories, a weekly series of book review segments. With Waco blogger Ashley Bean Thornton, KWBU produces Act Locally Waco, a weekly conversation about timely happenings and community involvement opportunities. Volunteer Ross Burns produces I Hear America Singing with KWBU, a weekly hour-long program featuring American folk music. And KWBU partners with Baylor University’s Department of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media to provide internships and training opportunities for students who produce content for broadcast on KWBU.  


CPB Question 3 - What impact did your key initiatives and partnerships have in your community? Describe any known measurable impact, such as increased awareness, learning or understanding about particular issues. Describe indicators of success, such as connecting people to needed resources or strengthening conversational ties across diverse neighborhoods. Did a partner see an increase in requests for related resources? Please include direct feedback from a partner(s) or from a person(s) served.

Answer - Act Locally Waco, a weekly segment produced in partnership with local blogger Ashley Bean Thornton, provides information about things to do and ways to be involved in our community. Anecdotally, it is one our most popular local segments. On KWBU’s e-newsletter, sent to approximately 480 listeners and members, Act Locally Waco is consistently one of the most-clicked links. Thornton says, “I love Act Locally Waco's partnership with KWBU!  Both organizations have a mission to strengthen the community through sharing information so we reinforce each other in a great synergistic way.  I run into people all the time who say ‘I came to this event today because I heard you talking about it on KWBU!’  KWBU listeners are the exact people who are likely to get involved and engaged in the community, and that makes them the perfect audience for Act Locally Waco as well.  I'm very grateful for KWBU!” In other partnerships, as stated before KWBU continues its relationship with the Waco Tribune-Herald, sharing the newspaper’s daily headlines during newsbreaks every weekday morning. The newspaper’s opinion editor, Bill Whitaker, has told us, “The evolving partnership of KWBU-FM and the Waco Tribune-Herald has helped both station and newspaper accent more intensely local issues.” KWBU maintains a formal partnership with Baylor University’s Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media to provide internships and training opportunities for students who produce content for broadcast on KWBU. Baylor professor Cassy Burleson writes: “The partnership between Baylor University’s Journalism, PR & New Media department and KWBU offers interns an opportunity to originate stories, interview sources, write copy, learn about effective use of ambient sound, and, in short, get excellent experience in radio broadcasting. . . . The chance to give our students experience in broadcasting at such a prestigious location as KWBU-FM in invaluable – the entire KWBU staff practices good journalism with a national scope and interns get to experience what life is like outside the ‘Baylor bubble.’ We have had many successful interns at KWBU who have gone on to become full-time employees both at KWBU and in other NPR locations, and we appreciate our partnership immensely because it helps our students in ways no other organization can.”


CPB Question 4 - Please describe any efforts (e.g. programming, production, engagement activities) you have made to investigate and/or meet the needs of minority and other diverse audiences (including, but not limited to, new immigrants, people for whom English is a second language and illiterate adults) during Fiscal Year 2016, and any plans you have made to meet the needs of these audiences during Fiscal Year 2017. If you regularly broadcast in a language other than English, please note the language broadcast.

Answer - May of 2016 saw the 100th anniversary of the lynching Jesse Washington, a local African American. This was a very dark time in the history of Waco; numerous events were held around town to commemorate the event. KWBU reporter Carlos Morales worked with Baylor University students from a “Methods in Oral and Public History” class to produce three stories telling about the event and its aftermath. An accompanying half-hour Behind the Story program was broadcast in the week following the stories, providing additional depth and detail.

In addition, KWBU’s Central Texas Leadership Series features half-hour long interviews with Waco and McLennan County leaders about local issues, including the concerns of racial and ethnic minorities as well as economically distressed communities. In FY ’16, these interviews included the following: Al Pollard, EEO Officer and VP of Program Development at McLennan Community College, about his experiences as an activist in the Civil Rights era; Andrea Barefield, manager of Main Street Waco, about downtown development – including historically African American East Waco – and also the inspiration of her mother, the late Mae Jackson, who was the first Black Mayor of Waco; Teri Holtkamp, Homelessness Administrator for the City of Waco; Jill McCall, Executive Director of Compassion Ministries in Waco, about their work reintegrating the homeless and near-homeless into permanent housing and employment; and George Johnson, pastor of St. Paul AME Church and retired Assistant City Manager, about change he has seen in the community over the year. KWBU reporters regularly report on issues pertaining to minority neighborhoods and the economically disadvantaged. KWBU also continues to provide weekly airings of Latino USA.

CPB Question 5 -  Please assess the impact that your CPB funding had on your ability to serve your community. What were you able to do with your grant that you wouldn’t be able to do if you didn’t receive it?

Answer - As a small market station, KWBU relies upon CPB funding as “seed money”; the station’s Community Service Grant provides an important match-incentive for local fundraising. Approximately 85% of KWBU’s funding comes from local (Waco and McLennan County) sources. CPB funding helps pay for all aspects of station operations. We dedicate staff and resources to covering issues that go unexamined in the greater Waco mainstream media, including long-form interviews with area leaders about community issues on our Central Texas Leadership Series and Behind the Story, along with segment length stories and news reports on minority neighborhoods, immigration, local education initiatives, and issues concerning the economically disadvantaged.  


KWBU currently employs six full-time staff members. Of these, three are women (Station Manager, Business Affairs Manager and Membership Manager) and three are men (President/CEO, Account Executive and full-time Reporter).  There is currently one employee who is Hispanic.

There are eighteen members of Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation's Board of Directors.  Of these, six are women and eleven are men (there is currently one vacancy).  One female board member is African American and one male board member is African American.  

KWBU's Community Advisory Council is composed of seven - fifteen members.  Of the nine current members, six are women and three are men.  Currently one member is Hispanic and one member is African American.  

KWBU strives to ascertain that, as much as reasonably possible, its staff, board of directors and community advisory board are reflective of the diverse population it serves.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s (CPB) Diversity Eligibility Criteria require public media organizations to adopt formal goals for diversity and to report annually on steps taken to work toward those goals. These actions are required for all stations receiving Community Service Grant funds (CSG).

KWBU has set the following diversity goals:

·       To provide equal opportunity in employment.

·       To educate our management and staff annually in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all persons.

·       To seek candidates for KWBU’s Community Advisory Council that represent the diverse composition of the community we serve.

·       To seek diverse candidates for our Board of Directors, nominated through our Trusteeship Committee.

·       To review with the station’s governing board those practices that are designed to fulfill KWBU/Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation’s commitment to diversity and to meet the applicable FCC guidelines.

In addition, KWBU/Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation shall undertake one of the following initiatives on an annual basis:

·       Include individuals representing diverse groups in internships or work-study programs designed to provide meaningful professional level experience in order to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve and further public broadcasting’s commitment to education;

·       Include qualified diverse candidates in any slate of candidates for elected governing boards that KWBU/Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation controls;

·       Implement a diversity training program for members of the organization’s governing board of directors on an annual basis;

·       Participate in minority or other diversity job fairs; or

·       Implement formal diversity training programs for management and appropriate staff.