1. How can I contact KWBU?
You may contact KWBU FM by mail, telephone, fax or email. Mail address: KWBU One Bear Place #97296 Waco, TX 76798 Telephone: (254) 710-3472 Fax: (254) 710- 3874 Email: comments@kwbu.org If you are trying to contact a specific KWBU staff member, his or her contact information can be found at www.kwbu.org/staff.

2. Where is KWBU located?
The physical address of the station is 2100 River Street (in the L.L. Sams Suite). 

The following are located in the KWBU Main Offices: 

KWBU-FM Studios/Master Control, KWBU-FM Station Manager, Membership Manager, KWBU President and CEO, Corporate Underwriting, Business and Office Personnel. 

To contact these offices call 254.710.3472.

Directions Coming South on I-35 from Dallas/Fort Worth:
• Exit University Parks Dr. and turn left onto University Parks.
• Go through the first and second stop lights.
• Stay on this road for a minute or so. Make a right at LaSalle Ave.
• Make the first right onto River Street. KWBU is in the orange L.L. Sams building on the right.
• KWBU-FM operations will be the first office on the left, administrative offices are down the hall.

3. I am a Baylor employee. How can I contribute to KWBU through automatic payroll deduction?
Payroll deductions are an easy way to provide essential, ongoing support to KWBU FM. You can increase or decrease the amount of your monthly contribution or discontinue your participation at any time. Your membership could even be renewed automatically each year if you so choose. E-mail Loretta Howard, loretta@kwbu.org, or call 254-710-7887 to enroll or for more information.

4. How can I support KWBU?
The following list shows the many ways a person or business can support KWBU:
• Corporate sponsor-In return for underwriting funded by corporations and the business community, government agencies, unions, associations, and foundations, the KWBU public broadcasting stations run sponsor messages and credits on our air, or in conjunction with an event or a community outreach effort.
• Planned giving-Planned giving is arranging to make a donation to a non-profit in the future. Often it is done in the form of a provision in a will or charitable trust.
• Individual memberships-You can become a member by donating any amount of money to KWBU. However, for any donation over $35 you become a member of the station and receive member benefits from KWBU, and for $65 or more, you will receive KWBU's member discount card for restaurants and businesses.
• Volunteer-KWBU holds two or three membership drives a year. For every drive we need volunteers for a live phone bank. If you or your organization are interested in volunteering for Membership Drives, please email Loretta Howard, loretta@kwbu.org, or call (254) 710-7887.
• Vehicle donation-You can donate your car to show your support of Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation! More information about this program is available at www.kwbu.org.

5. May I attend Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation meetings? How do I find out about the meetings?
All Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation meetings are open to the public and no registration is necessary. For specific information on upcoming meeting dates, times, and locations, interested parties should contact Carla Hervey at 254-710-4298 or send email to carla@kwbu.org.

6. How do I listen to KWBU?
KWBU Waco's NPR can either be streamed online at KWBU.org or at 103.3 FM. KWBU 103.3 FM also broadcasts in HD at 103.3 HD1 and 103.3 HD2.

7. Where does KWBU get its content?
KWBU 103.3 FM receives a portion of its national content and specific broadcasting segments, like ‘Car Talk', fromNPRPublic Radio InternationalAmerican Public Media, and other independent radio producers. Yet local segments, like ‘Word Wise', ‘Dot Org' and ‘Voice of the Arts', have been created to inform the community of regional events and organizations.