Human resources and corporate services director, Jeff Lupinacci, who has worked in all the major regions of the world, gives some advice on attracting and retaining top talent for multi-national, U.S.-based companies. 


Enchanting, beautifully written tale of elves living amongst mere mortals.

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Make sure you understand the statistics before making an important decision. 



Waco's Unfinished Legacy: Part 1 - The Years Before Jesse Washington

May 9, 2016
Carlos Morales

This Sunday will be 100 years since the lynching of Jesse Washington – an event so gruesome it’s known as the “Waco Horror”. This week, in collaboration with the Baylor University Institute for Oral History, KWBU presents a 3-part series that looks at how the lynching of Jesse Washington forever changed the city. In this first episode, a look at the years and the events that set the stage for what would happen in 1916.

Clever story of a group of friends returning for their 30th/31st college reunion.

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Businesses have a moral imperative to see employees as more than a commodity sourced at cheap cost.


We don’t really think much about trash. It’s just part of our everyday life - we throw things out when we’re done with them. But here in Waco, there are lots of reasons to give new life to some of the waste we generate. For KWBU, Michael Incavo has more on Waco’s recycling program. 

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Was Thomas Edison an inventor, or more of an entrepreneur? 


Touching story of lovers separated at an early age and then re-connected late in life.

Welcome to Behind the Story, a program where we take you straight to the source. In this episode, we’ll hear KWBU’s complete conversation with Lakia Scott, an assistant professor at Baylor University, who has co-authored a new book about Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We talk about HBCUs, their historical roots and their questionable future. 

Superb story of a poor India boy who accompanies an elephant from India to Istanbul and rises to become the architect’s apprentice.

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Marlene Reed spends much of her time writing published cases for journals and textbooks. She teaches ethics in her classroom using those stories, which are based on real-life experiences from interviews of people who have been faced with difficult decisions. 


Observations of a noted essayist who reflects with wit and charm on America in the 1960s.


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Companies are taking a more proactive approach to encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees.


A collection of poetry by a Philadelphia journalist turned novelist and poet.