On Monday, The Texas Tribune will be hosting a symposium on higher education at Baylor University - with topics ranging from affordability to diversity and graduation rates. KWBU's Recently caught up with the Texas Tribune president and CEO Evan Smith to talk about the day-long symposium and what events like these mean for Texans. 

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This is Behind the Story, a program where we take you straight to the source. In this episode we talk about all things elections. After a brief look at the November 3rd ballot items at a state level and local area elections, we’ll talk with Pat Flavin, an assistant professor of political science. We talk about political behavior, why voter turnout can be predictably low in local elections, and how voter turnout might look next year. 

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Companies are taking a more proactive approach to encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees. (*ENCORE)

From the podcast of the same name, Night Vale is a curiously inventive tale.

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Questions, rather than answers, motivate artists and entrepreneurs to create.

Absorbing saga of four generations of a Baltimore family – told in reverse order.


It’s beginning to look and feel a lot more like Halloween so to help us sort through all the Halloween-related events coming up, we’ll be talking to Act Locally Waco director Ashley Bean Thornton. But that's not the only thing we'll be talking about, there's plenty else to keep you occupied this weekend. 


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Former Chairman of the Board at Deloitte LLP, Sharon Allen says taking time off to be with one's family is not only good for the employee, but for the employer too.  (*ENCORE)

Next month, McLennan Community College will celebrate its 50th anniversary and as part of its celebration, the college is hosting New York Times best-selling author John Maxwell. KWBU’s Carlos Morales takes at look at the event as the college turns 50.

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Benjamin Franklin helped define the American spirit through his wit and wisdom, but all too often he is misquoted.