Baylor Connections - Dr. John White

Apr 20, 2018

Sports have been compared to a secular national religion. At Baylor, the Sports Chaplaincy and Ministry programs trains leaders to look at the intersection of faith and sports on and off the field. Dr. John White, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Director of the Sports Chaplaincy and Ministry program in the George W. Truett Theological Seminary discusses how faith impacts the ways we play, coach and interact with athletics on stages both large and small.

George Bush Presidential Library

“The image of the First Lady of the United States holding to her chest a dying child really reworked the entire notion of AIDS for many people around the country.”

Jesse K. Alwin/United States Marine Corps

Having doctors in close enough proximity to seniors with reduced transportation options is among the challenges.

Michael Hagerty

Whether you're surfing online for care information or just happen to be driving down a major thoroughfare close to a medical center you may come across a web page or billboard with a real-time display of the current average wait time for patients visiting the hospital's emergency department. 

Typewriter Rodeo: Distracting Springtime Roads

Apr 13, 2018
Callie Hernandez/KUT

Each week, the Standard reaches out to Austin’s Typewriter Rodeo for a custom poem on Texas topics.

Thanks to TxDOT, thousands of Texas wildflowers bloom for family photos.

Downtown Depot - Corey McEntyre

Apr 6, 2018

Austin Meek of, talks with Corey McEntyre Owner and Chef of the Milo All Day Food Truck. Also Austin takes a trip to Standard Hat Works in the first ever Small Business Spotlight.

Baylor Connections - Dr. Jim Marsh

Apr 6, 2018

The Baylor University Counseling Center provides a comprehensive array of services for the wellbeing of Baylor students. Dr. Jim Marsh, Executive Director for Counseling Services at Baylor, discusses national trends in collegiate mental health and shares how the Counseling Center has grown to meet the needs of students.

Capt. Jessica Brown/U.S. Air Force

Ex-military personnel pay far less to use these facilities than they would at a commercial campsite or resort.

Finding the right person for the job is hard, and it is about more than just a resume skill set.

Pleasant series of essays on topics ranging from immigration to the environment.

Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUT News

“Right now, teachers walking out would not accomplishing anything, but at some point you can’t expect change without people taking strong steps.”

UTSA Researchers Gain Alzheimer's Insight

Apr 3, 2018
Boku wa Kage/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

By expanding traditional analysis of the plaques found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, researchers may uncover new treatment options.

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon/KUT News

“Perhaps even more important is that he’s getting that from lots of different sources, and a lot of those sources are in Texas.”

The Baylor Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic provides services that extend far beyond the Baylor campus. In this episode of Baylor Connections, Dr. Diane Loeb, Professor and Endowed Chair of Baylor’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD), explains how Baylor CSD clinics are a place where miracles happen daily.