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This month, Fort Hood – one of the largest military installations in the world – and federal prosecutors are piloting a veterans’ treatment court. This specialized court provides veterans who commit a misdemeanor on the post with the opportunity to avoid a federal conviction, if they can successfully complete treatment and counseling courses. 

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Building customer trust through story telling. 

A master of magic realism has created an allegory for modern America.

Booker Prize winner Barnes has an interesting essay about ballooning, photography, love, and grief.

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When you start Social Security is an important consideration. This is going to be income you can't outlive for the rest of your life. When should you begin benefits in order to get the most benefits for you and your family? (*ENCORE)


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Learn what separates an A-team from a B-team, and the type of prime players investors are looking for when it comes to start-ups with high potential.


Likely Stories: Holiday Gift Ideas for Readers

Dec 17, 2015
Jim McKeown

Gift ideas for readers this holiday season.

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"They've harmed themselves from keeping this secret so long."

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Today city officials announced that Waco was selected to participate in a nationwide initiative that aids city halls with data use to make local government more effective.

Bloomberg philanthropies launched the What Works Cities program earlier this year. The $42-million initiative provides support to now 21 mid-sized American cities in 15 different states, and will admit up to 100 on a rolling basis until 2017.

Business Review - Retail Shrinkage

Dec 10, 2015
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Whether due to employee error or theft, missing inventory (known as "shrinkage") costs U.S. retailers $70 billion annually. Older workers have value to organizations because they help prevent shrinkage.  (*ENCORE)

Today, the Philanthropy lab at Baylor presented more than $50,000 in grant money to local nonprofits. The course - which began last year - is part of a network of 14 universities across the country.

From the Waco Wonderland  to the holiday concerts throughout town, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But holiday events aren't the only attractions this week, so Ashley Bean Thornton of Act Locally Waco is here to help us sift through local events.

Business Review - Social Impact Partners

Dec 3, 2015

You don’t have to sacrifice performance by bringing your values into your portfolio. Social impact bonds are being offered in the marketplace, often referred to as “pay for success” securities.

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The psychology behind people's reactions to crowded shopping centers. Why do some shoppers get excited and others not so much?


The three key members business leaders need on their team to help propel the business to where they want to go (encore broadcast).