Jim McKeown

The novel which started my Booker Prize Winners collection.

Consumers want transparency and are choosing companies with ethical supply chains.

Central Texas Leadership Series: Kim Patterson

Sep 15, 2015

In this episode of the Central Texas Leadership Series: McLennan Community College associate director Kim Patterson. Hosting the conversation is Lisa Wilhelmi, community relations coordinator at McLennan Community College. This conversation was recorded Sept. 4, 2015. 

Four specific and critical things to look for when launching a new endeavor.  

I return to a sensitive and heartbreaking novel I read and loved in seventh grade.

Jim McKeown

Extraordinarily intense thriller of a man with a temper, a talent for painting, and a penchant for getting himself in deep messes.

Business Review - Values-Based Investing

Sep 3, 2015

Creating investment portfolios that reflect the investor.

In this episode of the Central Texas Leadership Series: McLennan Community College president Johnette McKown. Hosting the conversation is Rob Wolaver, provost of the Waco and Williamson county campuses of Texas State Technical College.

There's plenty to do this week and Act Locally Waco director Ashley Bean Thornton is back in the KWBU studio to give us the latest on what's happening in the Heart of Texas. This week we talk about the Margarita and Salsa Festival this weekend as well as a handful of other festivals hitting the Heart of Texas are. 

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During a hearing in Fort Worth, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pled not guilty to felony charges he faces for financial fraud.

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When people use fracking to extract oil or natural gas from the ground, it produces vast amounts of wastewater. It’s too toxic to be flushed down the drain. So in Texas, and other states, a lot of it is pumped deep underground into things called disposal wells. Now, as KUT’s Mose Buchele reports for StateImpact Texas  a group of environmental organizations is threatening to sue the EPA over how it regulates the disposal of fracking wastewater. 

Likely Stories: All the Light We Cannot See

Aug 27, 2015
Jim McKeown

Exciting story of two children swept into the maelstrom of World War II

Recently a new poll that found the majority of Texas Republicans, even Tea Party Republicans, think Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign. Paxton was indicted earlier this month on three felony counts. But if he does resign, what happens next? KUT's Ben Philpott reports. 


This week in Behind the Story we talk about restorative discipline, an approach to disciplinary action in schools. In this episode we talk to Waco ISD superintendent Bonny Cain about the pilot program that works with restorative discipline that the district launched this year. We'll also hear from Trudy Bender, the district's behavior intervention coordinator.