Jim McKeown

Host, Likely Stories

Life-long voracious reader, Jim McKeown, is an English Instructor at McLennan Community College. His "Likely Stories" book review can be heard every Thursday on KWBU-FM! Reviews include fiction, biographies, poetry and non-fiction. Join us for Likely Stories every Thursday featured during Morning Edition and All Things Considered with encore airings Saturday and Sunday during Weekend Edition.  

Ways to Connect

A neat collection of poetry by an introspective woman.

Epic saga of a family with origins dating back to the 19th up to the 20th century.

Gothic-like tale of a shabby apartment building and the residents struggling to survive.


Suspenseful story of a divorce, a book club, and a mysterious bookstore in Paris


First in series of all the novels by the Brontë sisters beginning with Anne

Delightful story of a curmudgeon and a persistent cat


A recently assembled collection of short stories by novelist Margaret Drabble.

Mythical love story set in Brittany by the talented writer, Nina George.

Tragic tale of animal experimentation gone awry.

A collection of stories involving visitors, wanderers, and assorted interesting characters. 

Fascinating collection of essays by a first-time author

Funny tale of a detective reduced to roach patrol while struggling to get his badge back.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s book will open many new vistas to the casual and curious reader.

A collection of new and selected works by one of today’s finest poets.

Suspenseful tale of the mysterious drowning of a popular teen and a single mother.