Ross Burns

Host, I Hear America Singing

A native of Austin, Texas, Ross grew up in the midst of the Urban Folk Revival of the 1950s and 60s.  His first introduction to folk music was the Kingston Trio with their million selling albums.  From there, he went forward, backwards and sideways collecting music all along the way. He is a retired librarian and a student of history.   

As a historian, he loves researching the stories behind the music and the performers.  He has worked as a librarian in public, academic and corporate libraries around the state of Texas.  He combines his love of both folk music and history to research the stories of the performers as well as of the songs that they sing.  He has been a guest lecturer in English and Folklore classes at the college level and has had articles published in newspapers and professional journals.

In 2006 Ross began his broadcast career with Marfa Public Radio.  He recently retired and moved to Waco with his wife Betty.  Ross is the volunteer host and mastermind behind I Hear America Singing which will begin airing regularly on KWBU in August, 2014.    

I Hear America Singing

I Hear America singing explores the many aspects of recorded folk music from early field recordings and “race” records to today’s singer-songwriters tracing the music from ancient ballads to today’s headlines.  Along the way host Ross Burns touches on child ballads, the blues, spirituals, Celtic, world music, old-time county-western, cowboy culture, and Americana.  Find out more about the singers, their careers, and the influence on their peers and successor.  You may find some surprising and unexpected connections. 

A special Independence Day edition of the program will air July 4th at 9pm with an encore July 7th at 8pm.  The series begins it's regular run Monday, August 4, 2014 airing weekly at 9pm.    

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