09/07/2017: A different kind of chaos in Washington

Sep 7, 2017

You could look at the deal President Donald Trump made with leading congressional Democrats yesterday as a sort of butterfly effect situation — a seemingly trivial act that massively alters the country's future. As we broadcast today, a bill just passed the Senate with both the first dose of Hurricane Harvey relief money and government funding for the next three months while raising the debt limit. Those last two were going to suck up a lot of energy later this month. The House still has to vote on it, but it's a big deal, and congressional Republicans are left trying to figure out what it all means for their economic agenda.

Then: With the Gulf Coast picking up the pieces after Harvey, and Hurricane Irma bearing down on millions more, we'll take a look at the years-long recovery process after a natural disaster. Plus: What city will land Amazon's second headquarters?