Baylor's Traditions Rally Gives Fans Taste of McLane Stadium

Aug 29, 2014

As Game Day nears and after much anticipation -- Baylor’s over $260 million McLane Stadium opened to the public last night for Baylor’s Traditions Rally. 

While Baylor’s first football game isn’t until Sunday, last night’s Traditions Rally was proof that Baylor students and fans are ready for the new season in McLane Stadium.

Baylor freshman Danny Dominguez says he’s looking forward to a lot of things at the new stadium.

"Definitely doing the Baylor line, running the field," Dominguez said.  "Just getting to be a part of the whole atmosphere and just being able to be there for the first game."

He and a group of Baylor freshmen were all smiles as they took the walkway over the Brazos River leading to the stadium. The group expressed their excitement about being a part of this new chapter for the school and the football team.

And inside the stadium, the energy was electric.

Van Davis is the fitness director at Baylor’s SLC. She’s known around town for her contagious Baylor spirit. At the Traditions Rally – Davis says she couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the university and the community.

“This is my first time coming in here and it’s remarkable," Davis said. "Now I’ve been at the old stadium for many years and that was a great stadium but to see this, to walk in here and see this environment, I’m so excited.”

Davis says she can’t wait to see what Art Briles has in store for this upcoming season. 

“I’m so excited for him and his program and  his coaches and the players but more excitedly for the community to have this to be a part of the community,” Davis said.

After an hour or so full of revelry and spirit – the rally closed with a concert from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. That was followed by a fireworks show over the Brazos River.

Baylor’s Traditions Rally organizers report over 17-thousand people showed up to the 45-thousand capacity McLane Stadium last night. Baylor’s first game against SMU is on Sunday. Season tickets for the 2014 football season are sold out.