Big Membership Event

Oct 6, 2017

Choose either the new KWBU colbalt blue coffee mug or KWBU T-Shirt with your pledge of $120 or more. Modeled here by Will Burney.

The annual Big Membership Event wraps up today.    It's a celebration of public radio in Waco and the Heart of Texas.  

Call  254-710-1033 now to become a contributing listener.  Or, continue your support and renew your membership today.  

The "official" open house was last Friday, but you can stop by and make your pledge in person if you'd like. We'll be here until 6pm.    

You can also make your secure web pledge. Just click here.

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed! 

And, thanks to all of our volunteers.  We could not do this without you : Kristi Carrillo, Ralph Cooper, Christy Crosby, Lois Ferguson, Ellen Filgo, Shawna Gilmore, Don Hughes, Rayna Kraman,  Ramona McKeown, Victoria Rectenwald, Melissa Rios and Summer Shine.

Gourmet Gallery, Lula Jane's, Kay Mueller, Pokey O's, Shorty's Pizza Shack, Dave Ulman and The Village Bakery for food donations.  

And for so many community members - your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers that spent time on-air with us...Dan Beard, Kelly Craine, Amy Davis,  Cathi Davis,  Gene Hall, Nan Holmes, KJ Humphrey, CJ Jackson, Ben Lacy, Jim McKeown, Kris Olson, Glenn Robinson, Liz Taylor and John and Scarlet Ucci.