First Trial of Twin Peaks Biker Shoot out Begins

Oct 12, 2017

The first trial of a biker involved in the deadly Twin Peaks shooting in Waco began yesterday and today prosecutors will be calling more witnesses and experts to testify in court.

In 2015, Two rival motorcycle groups-- The Bandidos and the Cossacks-- were involved in a melee outside of a Twin peaks restaurant in Waco. The incident left 9 dead, more than 20 injured and almost 200 bikers were arrested.

The first biker to stand trial is Jacob Carrizal, President of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle group.  

Yesterday, attorneys made their selections for jurors and after a short recess, the trial began. In the prosecution's opening statements, District Attorney Abel Reyna claimed that the violence at Twin Peaks was the result of a long rivalry between the two motorcycle groups. 

Reyna“As I stated It was not an isolated act of violence but more a culmination or a crescendo of conflict that existed between two rival motorcycle groups that the evidence will show qualify as criminal street gangs in the state of Texas”  

A former employee of the Twin Peaks restaurant was called to testify before the court adjourned. The court reconvenes this morning with more witnesses and experts from the prosecution.