Last Central Texas PBS Station Will Stop Broadcasting Before 2020

Mar 1, 2018

Central Texas College Board of Trustees decided not to continue their PBS station KNCT.  

The last remaining PBS station in the area KNCT will go dark within the next two years. Max Rudolph general manager of KNCT went into detail on how this came about. "Well it goes all the way back to the FCC spectrum auction..."Rudolph said

The details of the spectrum auction can get pretty complicated but in short the station would be required to change their channel number, purchase a new broadcast tower and other equipment. The total cost would be about 4.4 million dollars. The federal government would only cover 60% leaving the other 40% to picked up by Central Texas College. 

"If you do the math,  40% of 4.4 million dollars, thats a pretty good chunck of change." said Rudolph. 

Waco lost its own PBS station when KWBU TV went off the air in 2010. Cable and Satellite subscribers will still receive PBS programming through their subscriptions from either the Dallas, Austin, or Bryan College Station market.