Norovirus Prompts Waco VA to Put Admissions on Hold, Post-pone 4th of July Activities

Jul 3, 2014

Norovirus cases have prompted the Waco VA to post-pone their 4th of July festivities. And they won’t be admitting any new patients into their medical facilities right now. 


 The CDC says norovirus is highly contagious. It causes stomach pain, nausea and fever among other symptoms. The virus can become serious for young children and older adults.

Waco VA Public Affairs Officer Bobby Zimmerman says two confirmed norovirus cases were detected on June 21st after around 40 patients at the VA started showing symptoms. It’s not for sure how the virus came into the facility.

“It could’ve come in from a visitor. It could’ve come in from the community," said Zimmerman. "We’ve also heard there are folks out in the community who have it. So, there’s no way of knowing.”

The Waco VA implemented a sanitation plan vamping up cleaning efforts and employee and patient hand washing practices.

Zimmerman says right now there’s currently only one confirmed case at the hospital. But as a precaution the 4th of July bingo and Barbecue event will be re-scheduled.