As It Happens on HD-2

KWBU News Plus Weekdays 6pm

In 1968, someone had an idea – a very good idea that went something like this: "Let's use our telephones to call people around the world. We'll call them to explain news stories as they unfold or tell their own peculiar stories. And we'll put the conversations on the radio!"   And 45 years on, "As It Happens" continues to do exactly that. As a show that prides itself on good writing, original thinking, and good journalism, it would never stoop to alliteration to prove its range. But if it were to do so, it could just claim, for example, to take listeners "from Antarctica to Athabasca", or "from Zimbabwe to Zagreb". Or even "from the bayous of Louisiana to the barons of Bay Street." Or something with the letter "N."   The opportunities for clichés are similarly limitless. Listening to "As It Happens" is like "taking a trip around the world, five nights a week." The program takes the listener "where the action is." Its hosts get "to the heart of the story." It gets the story "from the horse's mouth." It goes "where other radio programs fear to tread."   But beyond alliteration and cliché, what "As It Happens is," is good radio. It covers hard news and does ground breaking journalism. Every Day. It deals with war, politics, scandal -- all the big nouns of journalism – but always through the simple device of having one person talk to another. Most often, that person is a newsmaker. The program also tells stories you won't hear anywhere else -- whether because those stories are obscure, unjustly ignored or just absurd.   "As It Happens" has lasted 45 years for a reason. And it doesn't sound a day over 30.