Likely Stories

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So many books, so little time!  Jim McKeown hosts this weekly review of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and biographies.  Jim is a lifelong voracious reader who learned to read by the “rule of 50.”  If he’s not engaged in the characters, the prose, or the plot by page 50, he puts in a book mark and returns it to the shelf.   Likely Stories  is a three and a half minute module that we think you’ll give “FIVE STARS!” 

Jim McKeown

Hair-raising story of a young man with bizarre desires in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee.

Likely Stories: The Book Lovers' Anthology

Jun 18, 2015
Jim McKeown

A compendium of writing about books, reading, readers, and libraries.

Jim McKeown

Kitty runs a bookstore with her best friend Frieda, and all is well, until Kitty begins a series of half-real, half-imagined dreams. 

Jim McKeown

Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison continues to stun and amaze with a deeply felt narrative in her 11th novel.

Jim McKeown

Love story of 17th century China like no other.

Likely Stories: J

May 21, 2015
Jim McKeown

Eerie tale of a village in the aftermath of some catastrophe – if it happened.

Short stories of middle America and the characters straddling the line between good and evil, love and hate, success and failure.

Likely Stories: Sister

May 7, 2015

Suspense-filled story of the disappearance of a young art student and her sister's desperate and determined attempt to find her.

Jim McKeown

An impressive and eclectic collection of writings by women round out the first annual Women Writers Month on Likely Stories

Jim McKeown

Collection of poetry by renowned Canadian Author, winner of numerous awards, including the Booker prize for Blind Assassin