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Art and culture

A collection of poetry by a Philadelphia journalist turned novelist and poet. 

Sweeping saga of three generations of an Iowan farm clan from World War I to the ‘50s.

There's plenty to do in Wacotown to kick off your Spring Break weekend. Ashley Bean Thornton is back in the KWBU studios to give us a rundown of events, from First Friday in Downtown Waco and improv comedy to library fun and a sneak peak at the Hippodrome's new menu. 

Fascinating tale of a strong, intelligent, and determined woman, who overcame numerous obstacles to establish herself in two male-dominated venues. 

Jim McKeown

Elegy for Nelle Harper Lee, the author of the iconic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Ashley Bean Thornton of Act Locally Waco is back in the KWBU studios to give us a rundown of events and activities in Waco this week. There's plenty to do this Friday to kick off your weekend, like some Theater with "A Song for Coretta" and "Once Upon a Matress". You can find out the details on everything else going on in Wacotown this weekend on this episode of Act Locally Waco. 

Poetry about living near Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

A “Writer’s, writer’s writer,” Henry Green spins a tale of working men and wealthy landowners.

There's plenty to do this Super Bowl weekend. Listen here as Ashley Bean Thornton of Act Locally Waco breaks down all the happenings.

A tale of mystery and suspense by the winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize.