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Final installment of Soul at the White Heat: Obsession, Inspiration, and the Writing Life.

Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments: The Highway QC's

Jul 2, 2017

If the only thing you know about The Highway QC's is that they were the group that Sam Cook left to join the Soul Stirrers, then you've missed out on some seriously great gospel music. 

Story of a child who overcomes a tremendous birth defect.

The Golden Age of Gospel music was also the Golden Age of Gospel Quartets.

Two brothers and their wives meet for a dinner to discuss the behavior of two of their children.


Learn about the House of Beauty record label. 

A selection of books for everyone’s tastes.


Roscoe is the living embodiment of Southern black music history.

Woman, abandoned by her partner, faces challenges raising her child alone.

The Rev. Cleophus Robinson hails from the famous Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church of St. Louis - and it's really hard to separate the two. 

Events June 2 - 8

Jun 2, 2017

Another eventful week in Waco with the mini book sale, free community fishing day at the Waco Wetlands, a game maker collective, RiverSounds at MCC, the Wade Bowen Music Festival.  You can see a full calendar of events at

An intimate look at the lives of four slaves in 1840s Tennessee

Family Fun Night

May 31, 2017

Join KWBU TONIGHT, June 15th for a Family Fun Night at Poppa Rollo's Pizza

Rev. W. Leo Daniels died young but left behind dozens of incredible recorded sermons.  

A collection of essays by – IMHO -- the premier woman of letters today.