Delightful story of a curmudgeon and a persistent cat


A recently assembled collection of short stories by novelist Margaret Drabble.

Mythical love story set in Brittany by the talented writer, Nina George.

Tragic tale of animal experimentation gone awry.

A collection of stories involving visitors, wanderers, and assorted interesting characters. 

Funny tale of a detective reduced to roach patrol while struggling to get his badge back.

Suspenseful tale of the mysterious drowning of a popular teen and a single mother.

Another fine novel by Colm Tóibín about a woman who suddenly loses her husband.

Mesmerizing tale of a group of citizens of Holt, Colorado, by an amazing writer.

A heartbreaking story of a young girl who escapes the terrors of her homeland.

Story of a child who overcomes a tremendous birth defect.

Two brothers and their wives meet for a dinner to discuss the behavior of two of their children.


A selection of books for everyone’s tastes.


Woman, abandoned by her partner, faces challenges raising her child alone.

An intimate look at the lives of four slaves in 1840s Tennessee