short stories

Bizarre, interesting, mundane, and weird stories are thought-provoking to say the least.

A recently assembled collection of short stories by novelist Margaret Drabble.

A collection of stories involving visitors, wanderers, and assorted interesting characters. 

A selection of stories by the acclaimed short-story writer, Anne Beattie. 

Short stories of middle America and the characters straddling the line between good and evil, love and hate, success and failure.

Likely Stories: Hunger

Apr 16, 2015
Jim McKeown

A Chinese woman emigrates to America for a better life, and she struggles to adapt to her new land, in the title story of this collection.

Jim McKeown

Collection of deft and clever stories about relationships.

Jim McKeown

A collection of stories by the double Booker-Prize winning author of Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies.

Jim McKeown

Margaret Atwood’s latest work weaves tales of complicated relationships all viewed from different angles.