Texas Legislature

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Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that legally protects Texas pastors who don’t want to perform same-sex marriages. Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe reports some ministers say this is a protection ministers already have.

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Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a handful of bills that provide record-level spending on a state-led effort to provide more security along the Texas-Mexico border.   Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe reports.  



Texas will now require facilities that hold ammonium nitrate to meet new requirements, in a move legislators believe will prevent events like the deadly explosion in the city of West 2 years ago. 


Skyrocketing appraisal rates in some of the state’s most populated counties may result in homeowners actually paying more this year, despite efforts by the Legislature.  Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe has more on the story.



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After years of failed attempts, the Texas Legislature has passed a bill that will allow Texans with a concealed carry permit to bring their handgun onto public college campuses. KUT’s Ben Philpott reports.


The end of the legislative session is less than a week away and lawmakers are moving quickly to keep bills they support alive.  TPR’s Ryan Poppe reports that Tuesday was a frenzied day as legislators waded through pages of parliamentary delay tactics tagged for some of the more controversial bills.

Legislative Look Ahead

May 26, 2015

There's just one week in the current Texas legislative session. KUT's Ben Philpott has this guide to what's coming up as lawmakers rush to complete their work. 

Texas House Kills Off Bills During 15-hour Session

May 15, 2015

The Texas House hit the one of the most important deadlines in a Legislative session last night: The deadline for initial approval of a House bill. 

The 15-hour fight leading up to the midnight cut-off had some Republicans trying to race through a stack of bills, trying to get to one that would have further restricted same-sex marriage. While Democrats went out of their way to run out the clock by prolonging the debate on each and every bill. KUT’s Ben Philpott reports.

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A bill that would allow businesses to fund students’ education at a private school passed out of the Texas Senate. Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe reports that although the bill’s author says his legislation creates a scholarship program, others in the senate call it a public school voucher bill



Senate Bill 6 passed the Senate at the end of March. And if made law, the bill would change how a school is graded.