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6:57 am
Sun July 5, 2015

Don't Blame The Sharks For 'Perfect Storm' Of Attacks In North Carolina

The recent spate of attacks — seven since June in North Carolina alone — has little to do with the shark population off American coastlines. Shark attack, George Burgess says, "is driven by the number of humans in the water more than the number of sharks."
Carol Buchanan iStockphoto

Originally published on Sun July 5, 2015 1:58 pm

Those who spend much time on the Carolina beaches know that many shark species, and even whales, are frequent visitors during the summer. And, though it's extremely rare, those sharks have been known to attack humans.

But this year, there have already been seven shark attacks off the North Carolina coast since June. It's a number that has surprised even the most seasoned of shark-watchers.

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Goats and Soda
6:03 am
Sun July 5, 2015

You Haven't Left The Building But Your Brain's On A Virtual Reality Trip

Cardboard Google goggles whisk viewers into a virtual reality world.
Bloomberg Bloomberg via Getty Images

For just a few minutes, I'm standing in the streets of Kathmandu. Families pick through the rubble left behind by April's devastating earthquake. I take in the sounds of metal clanking, of footsteps and chattering. A few people walk by, staring straight at me.

I want to help — but can't.

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Goats and Soda
6:03 am
Sun July 5, 2015

Want A Taste Of Virtual Reality? Step One: Find Some Cardboard

Put all these pieces together — they're part of a Google Cardboard viewer from DoDoCase.com — and you'll be ready for virtual reality.
Ben de la Cruz NPR

Filmmakers are using virtual reality to make the problems of the developing world seem more ... real.

But how can you see their work?

You could buy a headset, but you might end up in virtual debt. Prices range from $200 to $500 for devices from big players like Oculus Rift, Sony and Samsung. And forking over that much cash is a problem since there's not a lot of content yet.

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It's All Politics
4:46 am
Sun July 5, 2015

Trump's Campaign Theme Song Headache? Blame Michael Jackson, Sort Of

Republican presidential candidate and TV personality Donald Trump arrives by escalator to the tune of "Rockin' in the Free World." Musician Neil Young did not approve of his song choice.
Brendan McDermid Reuters/Landov

Originally published on Sun July 5, 2015 11:39 am

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4:43 am
Sun July 5, 2015

Israel And The West Bank Through Fresh Eyes

The Weinfeld Family, 2009. Photographer Frederic Brenner, who took this photo, created This Place, an exhibit that features the work of 12 internationally acclaimed photographers in Israel and the West Bank.
Frederic Brenner/Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery

Originally published on Sun July 5, 2015 11:59 am

A dozen internationally acclaimed photographers were set loose in Israel and the West Bank. Most had never been in either place before. The aim was to try to see anew a part of the world that's been thoroughly photographed, long mythologized and often fought over.

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