McLennan County Feels Mild effects of Harvey - At The Gas Pumps

Aug 28, 2017

As Harvey continues to bring heavy rain to the Texas coast it's effects are beginning to be seen in McLennan county. Some gas stations have reported shortages as refineries on the coast have shut down. According to Jesus Azanza of the Texas Food and Fuel Association, it may take 7 to 10 days to get those refineries operational again.

“But there shouldn’t be any major panic with consumers right now. I wouldn’t suggest that they run to their local gas station and fill up. There are reserves in the tanks...that should last for several more days, so we’re confident by then the infrastructure around the state, and those coastal areas, will be back up and running so that we can get fuel flowing again.” Says  Azanza

In the meantime, the coast is continuing to be affected by Harvey and McLennan County is standing by with local shelters in case they are needed. No communities have been evacuated to the county as of yet, but one shelter for residents of Brazoria county is already operational in Bell County. Frank Patterson of the McLennan County Emergency Management Office says that Wacoans wanting to help the relief effort should offer cash support.

“You hear the old adage that cash is king, and that’s true. As far as if they want to donate something that is the best way to do it…whoever there agency is that they support.” Says Patterson. Material goods require people and teams to sort, and involves storage where as cash is fluid. Efforts right now are still being focused on response."With everything going on their still a lot of response going on and we are a little way off from that recovery portion." Patterson says.

For more info on how to help you can visit and select the Waco/Harvey Help tab at the top of the page.