West Superintendent Heads to Tyler ISD

Jul 25, 2014

West ISD's Superintendent Marty Crawford will be heading to Tyler ISD for the upcoming school year.

Tyler ISD announced Dr. Crawford was a lone finalist for the position in a statement released Thursday.

Crawford said in the statement he was excited for the opportunity to work with the District’s students and faculty and he looked forward to achieving academic success there.

The move from Crawford comes after spending six years as West ISD Superintendent -- most notably leading the school district through recovery efforts after the West Fertilizer Plant explosion in 2013.

West ISD Board President Larry Hykel says they didn’t know Crawford would be leaving until last night – but that’s just something that comes with the nature of the job.

“We’re no doubt, we’re gonna miss him and he’s been here for six years," said West ISD Board President Larry Hykel.  

"Typically a superintendent will last in a  school district about three years. So we’ve been very fortunate to have him here that long.”

Tyler ISD Board President Orenthia Mason said the District is excited to welcome Crawford’s experience and educational leadership.

Tyler’s district is required to wait 21 days before officially hiring Crawford.