I Hear America Singing

Saturday 7pm, Monday 9pm

Some say it was the Kingston Trio who brought Folk Music of out the nightclubs and the halls of academia and into cars and living rooms all over the United States. Join us for a new program putting a spotlight on Folk Music. Ross Burns hosts this program sharing with you a wide range of performers and songs from his personal collection of Folk Music...putting the music into perspective of its time and in todays society. Saturdays at 7 - following  A Prairie  Home Companion and Mondays at 9pm tune in and learn about the many directions Folk Music has taken on I Hear America Singing. 

On the next I Hear America Singing:

The show this week features long, epic ballads.  We'll have The Crawl, an excerpt from Bobby Bridger's Seekers of the Fleece.  Tommy Maken and Liam Clancy do a dramatic reading of Peter Kagan and the Wind.  We'll have a classic from Stevem Frokmholz with his Texas Trilogy about life in Bosque County in the 1950's as well as Alro Gurthie's Alice's Restaurant.    (Program 16404 - February 6 at 7pm and February 8th at 9pm)

For comments and playlist inquiries contact Ross Burns via email at Sing@KWBU.org.