Likely Stories

Thursday 7:45am, 4:45pm and 6:47pm. Saturday 8:35am. Sunday 9:35am

So many books, so little time!  Jim McKeown hosts this weekly review of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and biographies.  Jim is a lifelong voracious reader who learned to read by the “rule of 50.”  If he’s not engaged in the characters, the prose, or the plot by page 50, he puts in a book mark and returns it to the shelf.   Likely Stories  is a three and a half minute module that we think you’ll give “FIVE STARS!” 

Jim McKeown

Memoir of a Chicago reporter and the reclusive Alice and Harper Lee.


Jim McKeown

Suspense-filled story of the disappearance of a young art student, and her sister’s desperate and determined attempt to find her.

Jim McKeown

Hair-raising story of a young man with bizarre desires in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee.

Likely Stories: The Book Lovers' Anthology

Jun 18, 2015
Jim McKeown

A compendium of writing about books, reading, readers, and libraries.

Jim McKeown

Kitty runs a bookstore with her best friend Frieda, and all is well, until Kitty begins a series of half-real, half-imagined dreams. 

Jim McKeown

Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison continues to stun and amaze with a deeply felt narrative in her 11th novel.

Jim McKeown

Love story of 17th century China like no other.

Likely Stories: J

May 21, 2015
Jim McKeown

Eerie tale of a village in the aftermath of some catastrophe – if it happened.

Short stories of middle America and the characters straddling the line between good and evil, love and hate, success and failure.

Likely Stories: Sister

May 7, 2015

Suspense-filled story of the disappearance of a young art student and her sister's desperate and determined attempt to find her.