A Prairie Home Companion

Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 11am
  • Hosted by Garrison Keillor

A Prairie Home Companion is a lively two hours with humorous sketches, fake commercials, storytelling, and a live band on stage in front of live audience. 

It's a venue for gospel, blues, and country before roots music was cool. You also will hear opera singers, classical music virtuosos, choruses, and even symphonies sometimes.  When the show is on the road you're exposed to great local regional musicians.

Host Garrison Keillor is behind all of the music during this show and you share in his delight of having conversations with his guests.  He's a genius at integrating original material or humorous sketches into the music.

A Prairie Home Companion is a show modeled and inspired after the Grand Ole Opry, which makes A Prairie Home Companion perfectly suited for you.

It's anchored by the host, who has one of the most recognized voices in the country although Garrison's genius lies in his writing and storytelling.