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Art and culture

Aging Irish poet, Thomas Murphy, ambles into dementia as he struggles to remember.

Detailed story of the Salem Witch trials and all the people involved in the 1692 tragedy.


Armor of Light

Tonight, the 2015 documentary "The Armor of Light" screens at the Waco Hippodrome. The emotionally charged film follows the intersection of gun culture and religion. Ahead of the film's screening, KWBU's Carlos Morales caught up with the Director Abigail Disney. 

There's plenty to do this weekend in Wacotown and to help us sift through it all is Allison Abel. In this episode we talk about all the events that will keep you busy in the coming week, from the Brazos Ribfest and the Texas State Disc Golf Championship to the State of Education in the Heart of Texas forum and Waco Poet's Society's open mic night at Tea2Go. 

There's plenty to do this weekend and Ashley Bean Thornton is back in the KWBU studios to give us a rundown on all the happenings in Wacotown. There's the Great Gatsby play on Friday, the Toughest N' Texas Trail Run, Art on Elm, and Pints in the Park on Saturday. There's plenty more going on, and you can hear it all on this week's episode of Act Locally Waco. 

Touching story of lovers separated at an early age and then re-connected late in life.

It's April Fools, but there's no fooling about how much there is to do in Wacotown this weekend. There's First Friday in downtown Waco and the Brazos Nights Concert on Friday night to get your weekend rolling. You can hear about all the weekend's events in this episode of Act Locally Waco. 

Superb story of a poor India boy who accompanies an elephant from India to Istanbul and rises to become the architect’s apprentice.

Observations of a noted essayist who reflects with wit and charm on America in the 1960s.


A collection of poetry by a Philadelphia journalist turned novelist and poet.