Jill Ament

A large national debate is circling around how local law enforcement has been able to acquire military grade equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 program. Local law enforcement can acquire equipment ranging from armored vehicles to bayonets and even grenade launchers. KWBU’s Jill Ament reports on what the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department received through this program over the years. 

In 1977, death row inmate Gary Mark Gilmore chose to be executed by a firing squad. Gilmore was strapped to a chair at the Utah State Prison, and five officers shot him.

The media circus that ensued prompted a group of lawmakers in nearby Oklahoma to wonder if there might be a better way to handle executions. They approached Dr. Jay Chapman, the state medical examiner at the time, who proposed using three drugs, based loosely on anesthesia procedures at the time: one drug to knock out the inmates, one to relax or paralyze them, and a final drug that would stop their hearts.