Texas lawmakers sure are eager -- on the first day they could file bills for the 85th state Legislative session, they filed several hundred of them, as well as dozens of resolutions.

Texas Launches Health Site For Low-Income Women

Nov 13, 2014

Today Texas lawmakers unveiled a new website designed to connect women with health services around the state. Lawmakers say that in the past, accessing these programs wasn’t easy.

Ryland Barton, KWBU News

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Leticia Van De Putte stopped in Waco as part of her final campaign push before next week’s election. Van De Putte is way behind in the polls, but hoping for a surprise surge of voters. She’s been working to show the differences between her and her opponent, Republican State Senator Dan Patrick.


Election day is next Tuesday and several Texas statewide offices are on the ballot. With Democrats trailing in the polls, there don't appear to be any hotly contested races.

Lawmakers Look At Revising Truancy System

Oct 23, 2014

Since 2001, Texas students who fail to attend school have been tried in criminal courts. Some advocates are trying to keep truant students and their parents out of court.


Starting last year, students ages 10 to 17 to couldn’t be issued Class C misdemeanors in Texas public schools. It’s kept kids out of the court system, but critics say it’s also taken disciplinary tools out of the hands of school administrators.


In January a series of earthquakes rocked the small North Texas towns of Azle and Reno. Many blamed the events on high-pressure injection wells used to dispose fluids from ‘fracking.’ Researchers are still studying what caused the earthquakes, but the state’s oil and gas regulator is seeking greater authority to suspend injections.

Lawmakers Search For Fixes To Highway Funding

Jun 25, 2014

The Texas legislature is mulling the first increase to the fuel tax since 1992. The discussion comes at the same time that some lawmakers in Congress are pushing for an increase to the federal fuel tax, which hasn’t been adjusted since 1993.

West ISD Considers Concealed Carry On Campus

Jun 11, 2014

Tonight the West ISD school board is discussing whether to let employees carry concealed handguns in school. Since last year’s fertilizer plant explosion in West, many of the district’s classrooms have been moved into portables. That has some school officials worried about safety.